Certified Professional Coach

I am a professional coach based in North Toronto, Canada.
I offer my clients the opportunity of positive changes in their lives, as well as strategies to:

Give me a call if you are in need of some guidance in life. If you are doing nothing – nothing interesting will happen to you. Let’s start!
I will help you to define your goal, develop the best scenario of future events in your life, make up a plan, overcome road blocks (negative beliefs and experiences) get rid of emotional and physical pain, determine your mission and talent, achieve your goal easily and become happy and successful. 

What do I use in my everyday work?

Socratic Questions, NLP, Socionics (Carl Jung’s Typology), “Spiritual Option”, Deep and Basic PEAT, Aspectics, Visualization, Mind Maps, Meditations, and

Five Principles of MILTON H. ERICKSON:

1. A person is okay
2. A person has all the necessary tools to solve his/her problems
3. A person always makes the best choice under the circumstances
4. His/her intentions are always positive
5. A person learns easily and change is inevitable.