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        Nothing has changed throughout the history of mankind: people still want to find love, have happy family and healthy good-looking kids. A woman still wants to have a trustworthy and faithful man and a sturdy shoulder to lean on. Regarding a man… he can lean on something as well.

        You never know where you will find your love but you have be ready - it may happen at any time in case if you really know what kind of personality and which type of man or woman you want to find and what your goal is.

This gorgeous personality will fall on you at a party or in the subway or from the Internet. Believe me; I know what I am saying. I found my beloved man in the Internet. Don’t think that it happened when the Internet was just invented but the years passed and I’m still in love with him. Love never ends but it is permanently obtaining some new peculiarities such as compassion, respect, etc. Sometimes I feel that routine and every-day life is making my love a little blurry. It means that it is high time to look at my man from a new point of view or new angle and fall in love with him again. I carry out a good coaching session with myself and start falling in love again, I see how handsome, bright and talented he is and I pay no attention that he starts glancing at me  in a little strange way.
I am ok and he is ok… Listen people, we all are ok. We just need to understand what we really want, jump from the orbit on which we have been spinning continuously, relax and start living.

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        Once a beautiful divorced 35 year old lady came to my office for a coaching session and said: I want to marry a man, I don’t care if he is tall or short, slim or fat, greedy or generous, stupid or clever, young or very old… I just want him to bring money and I don’t want him to drink. She had no image of the man of her dream in her mind at all. So the first aim of my coaching session with her was her self esteem, then defining and achieving of her goal.

The Harvard University conducted once a very interesting study: they asked a group of students to write what they wanted to achieve during next 20 years. Only 2% of students wrote in details what careers they wanted to reach, where to work and what kind of sole mates to find including approximate appearance, age, social status, they also mentioned the ideal quantity of children, etc. The rest of students did not know what they wanted and what there goals were. Twenty years later their messages were read and strange as it may seem 2% of the students who had gone into detail achieved their goals 100%. At our coaching sessions I will help you to realize your mission and write a good scenario of future events including a plan of your activities.

         A happy family throughout the history of the Mankind has needed a warm home, loving relatives as well as good relationship and friendly climate. We live in our modern reality with the equality of a man and a woman and they both are responsible for building a warm house with brilliant climate. Absolutely! However to my mind a woman is a little more responsible, just a little. Come to my office or call for a coaching session and will help you to improve relationship.

Do you know who the first coach was? Socrates was the first coach who lived about 3,400 years ago. This was Socrates who created the Socratic Questions. There are some very strict rules in the professional coaching, for example during a coaching session coach is not allowed:

A coach has the main right during a coaching session – to ask Socratic Questions because all answers are in your mind and certainly a coach can give tests, programs and exercises that are very useful for family coaching.

        It is obvious that you have to be honest and your answers are supposed to be true and correct. I don’t mean that I will ask you to raise your right hand and swear to provide accurate and “true answers to the best of your knowledge”, as judges love to say first of all because our subconscious mind lacks the sense of humour, so please be honest. Remember: if you are seriously giving a task to your subconscious mind it will ruin all roadblocks and fulfil the task. This honest soldier has no sense of humour.

         By the way, if a woman in her early 30-ies tells me that she doesn’t want to have children never ever in her life I will hardly believe her. So be honest please. If she insists on the idea that children are evil I will have a gut feeling that she is not all together. I beg your pardon. Children bring a lot of happiness but sometimes they bring problems as well.

         If you can’t cope with your problems, come for my parenting sessions and I will do my best to help you. I know for sure that we give birth to our babies for ourselves, for our pleasure… not for husbands or relatives. The kids did not ask us to. I am positive. So be grateful for the happiness they give us and don’t expect that they will bring you a cup of water when you will be dying. You did not give birth to your kids for this purpose. Just love your baby, child, and teenager.

    Visit my seminars or webinars related to family or parenting coaching and your family will be as happy as this one...

or this one: Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

Queen Victora and Prince Albert

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