About Ellen

“You cannot teach a man anything;

you can only help him discover it within himself”.

Galileo Galilei

Italian astronomer and physicist (1564-1642)
As a professional coach, I have worked with hundreds of clients being their mentor, instructor and coach. Though I always try to be objective and impartial and not to take situations of my clients too close to heart, I still sometimes at the end of my work, become friends with some of them and our communication never ends.
First off, let me tell you about myself: I graduated with a Master's degree from the Moscow State Linguistic University, Russia, Faculty of the English Language. Psychology has always been my greatest love and biggest interest. I left Moscow 20 years ago and continued to expand my education in this area. I took many courses and graduated from the Fowler Wainwright International Institute of Professional Coaching. Prior to becoming a coach, I was successfully running a small translating business for 10 years. I also was the owner of immigration to Canada agency. I have knowledge and skills in starting and running a small business and I will be happy to help you to do the same. I have already coached and instructed a lot of clients as a small business coach.  My work for a famous translating company called Language Line Services is also worth mentioning. I joined the company as a telephone Russian-English interpreter dealing with human problems, troubles, ambitions, beliefs and tragedies. My work at LLS gave me unique experience in problem solving and stress management. Years passed, and now I successfully work as a stress management coach.
After I helped a few of my friends solve their domestic and professional problems and even helped them to get back their lost husbands and boyfriends while others found their sole mates as a result of coaching and mentoring, I firmly made up my mind to become a life coach.
While working as a conference interpreter for scientific and business negotiations, I used to successfully solve unpleasant situations supporting all the parties involved. Being an immigration consultant, I had to train my clients for the interview at the Canadian embassy as an English teacher and instructor. Teaching them, I often caught myself at the idea that it was much more interesting for me to explain to my students how to behave, what image to choose, what style to wear during the interview than teach them English idioms.
It just so happened that when I started my coaching practice, my first clients asked to help with their kids – teenagers. Thank God, being a mother of two, I have never had serious problems with my daughters, so the problem was new for me and I plunged into investigation of this problem. This is one of the most difficult and interesting fields of coaching because I can’t influence the kids, I can only coach and influence the parents. I found the answers in Vedic texts, the Bible, books of Carl Jung. Please don’t believe anyone who will tell you that coaching has nothing to do with spiritual ideas. A coach must be a spiritual person, especially a family coach and parenting coach like me.
I brought my abundant experience of business running, teaching, translating, consulting, and interpreting into Life Coaching, and I will be more than happy to help you.
Yours truly,

Coach Ellen 
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