"Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.” Voltaire

Once upon a time in Canada, my best friend called at night from overseas. She was in despair with relationships and her domestic situation. I calmed her down and then asked her several questions, such as: Have you ever been in such a situation before? Did you find a decision by yourself? Did you solve all your problems before? What was the outcome? There were many other questions, she concentrated and easily found a decision in her mind. Then I said: let me tell you what kind of happy end you will get in two or three days… and said what I wanted to say. I am not a clairvoyant; this was just intuition and knowledge of people. Four days later she called screaming:
- You were 100% right! You are a real coach! You were born as a coach! Each and every person must have a coach!”

Coach? I said… what’s this?

It was in 2004. Today I am a professional certified coach with four diplomas.

Coaching is for you, if you want:


1. to have a clear understanding of where you are going and how
you will get there;
2. to set up and achieve your goals;
3. to jump off your orbit and begin everything from the very beginning;
4. your daily actions demonstrate a commitment to excellence;
5. to build relationship – romantic, family or colleague;
6. to overcome inner conflicts
7. to get rid of doubt, procrastination, hesitation, and uncertainty;
8. to start a successful business;
9. to create a harmonious, energetic and efficient team;
10. to make this the best year of your life.

I am happy to offer:
Life Coaching
Small Business Coaching
Team building
Time Management
Stress Management
Family and Parent Coaching


Please start each day with a short written plan and write a few lines in your Diary of Achievements in the evening.

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