Throughout the history of mankind, people have always had the same values; such as

love, health, family, wealth and their favourite job.

I consulted hundreds of people and the more people I meet, the more convinced I become in the previous statement; people’s values do not change.

Children with Parrot, 1850 by Christina Robertson

How can I help you?

As a professional coach, I work one-to-one with clients in my office, and help them figure out what they truly want in life and together, we create an action plan in order to get my client to their goal, whether it be in business or in their personal lives.  I provide:

The coaching partnership is likely to last between three to twelve months with meetings on a weekly basis.  A session usually lasts from 60 to 90 minutes. The content of is confidential. Corporate coaching generally takes place at your offices; a quiet space with no interruptions is essential.  I provide group trainings and seminars in Toronto and abroad and online webinars.
Coaching can take place at my practice in North Toronto, if preferred.  I offer telephone coaching when appropriate. A coaching session costs $75.00 US.

You can pay using Pay Pal or sending a cheque or money order or pay cash.